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Dr Abdusalam Omar

ICF Accredited Leadership Coach & ABNLP Trainer 

Dr Abdussalam Omar is a globally established leadership coach, mentor, family counsellor and a successful entrepreneur. He has empowered more than 5000+ clients to lead a beautiful, happy, peaceful and aspiring life as a personal coach/mentor/counsellor since 2012.

His life transformational coaching program DEEP IMMERSION®, family counselling, personal coaching and business coaching are highly popular and result oriented.

He was instrumental in developing 35+ brands from traditional businesses to MNCs as a leadership coach. Dr Omar is an International Coach Federation USA Accredited “Leadership and Executive Coach”, Licensed “Emotional Intelligence Coach” and American Board of NLP Accredited “NLP Trainer from Tad James Company USA”.

Dr Omar is an emergency medical educator/doctor by profession who holds a post-graduate degree in emergency medical sciences and clinical research, serving as a faculty and head of faculty development at the college of emergency medical sciences at King Saud University in the Middle East since 2010. He is also a PhD scholar in guidance and counselling psychology.



The Tad James Co NLP is a world-wide training organization, with our main offices in Sydney, Australia and Henderson, Nevada, USA. In fact, we are the largest NLP and hypnosis training organization in Australia, and we specialize in personal growth coaching. Powerful, transformational workshops which incorporate cutting edge technologies in accelerated change and advanced human communications are described here for your evaluation. According to the direct feedback we get from our students, the most profound experience you may ever have is to attend one of our seminars or trainings.


CEO Insights is a monthly business magazine for CEO's, C-Suite Executives and other decision makers in India. Having both print and digital publication, we serve as a platform for CEO's to share their industry insights, which will help & inspire other executives to achieve the business goals and stay ahead in the market.


The American Board of Hypnotherapy was founded in 1982 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as The California Board of Hypnotherapy. Within a short time it grew to be the American Board of Hypnotherapy with members all over the world–wherever Hypnosis is taught, we probably have a member.

Today we have over 1000 institutes worldwide approved at the Trainer Level of Hypnosis, and tens of thousands of members that offer Hypnotherapy Certification. We believe in Hypnosis as being most excellent ways of creating our own personal growth and development.

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