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Sometimes we just need to immerse  to a beautiful place, away from all the distractions, to figure out everything in life.

What is Deep Immersion®?

DEEP IMMERSION is an award-winning 360°  life transformation program working on all wheels of life including health, wealth, family, society and spirituality etc. Let's immerse deeply in discovering the pearl inside us, away from all the busy routine. Let's check in to a cool green serene atmosphere with a bunch of beautiful souls with energy, passion and enthusiasm. 

Our Venues


Kvareli Lake Resort 

Kvareli lake resort is the best and finest luxury resort in the evergreen mountains of Georgia


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Why Deep Immersion®?


Dr. Omar is an alchemist in the field of people transformation and development. Since I met him he has transformed many lives including students, professionals, families, business leaders and academicians. 

Hussain Noorudheen

Ex CEO, Malta Smart City

Excellent Program. The experienced and dedicated coach, diverse and multi skilled participants, modern and interactive learning program. DI is a perfect launch pad for every individual to move to a higher trajectory in their 360 degree life transformation.

Dincy Raju

HR Professional, Dehradun

DI3 was one of the best moments in my life with 14 people with FIRE and positivity along with high passionate coach Omar, recollecting our college days. 

Shafeera Cheelan

Fashion Designer, UAE

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