Deep Immersion: Ignite Your Potential, Transform Your Story

Embark on a transformative journey with Deep Immersion – a 7-day program led by Dr. Abdussalam Omar. Elevate your life through innovative coaching, holistic healing, and profound self-discovery.

Dr. Abdussalam Omar

Celebrated Global Leadership Coach

Meet Dr. Abdussalam Omar,  the visionary founder of Deep Immersion, recognized as one of the top 10 NLP consultants in CEO Insights 2020. With over a decade of expertise as a Leadership Coach and Counselor, he holds accreditation from the American Board of NLP and is an ICF-accredited coach. Renowned for transforming lives and businesses, he integrates innovative coaching, spiritual healing, and NLP techniques to guide individuals and organizations toward purposeful living. Beyond coaching, Dr. Omar contributes to academia as a faculty member at King Saud University. His commitment to societal impact is evident in chairing the Ruqayya Foundation, dedicated to protecting orphans and widows. Experience profound change under his guidance at Deep Immersion.

Certified NLP Trainer

Accredited NLP Trainer

Most Innovative Life Transformation Program - 2020

Certified NLP Trainer

Certifications :

Following certificates will be provided:
1. Certified NLP Practitioner
2. Certified Professional Coach.
3. Certificate of DEEP IMMERSION® (100 hours of leadership coaching)
Accreditations Recognitions:
DEEP IMMERSION® is accredited by American Board of NLP and Tad James Co USA.
DEEP IMMERSION® was awarded as most innovative life transformation program in India – 2020 by CEOInsights.

Our Programs

Transform, Thrive, Triumph with Us

Deep Immersion-Life Transformation Program

Embark on a 7-day journey of self-discovery, utilizing innovative coaching, holistic healing, and NLP techniques to transform various facets of your life.

Business Immersion - Elevate Your Leadership:

A 7-day residential program exclusively designed for business owners and leaders, focusing on productivity, leadership skills, and developing the next generation of leaders.

Annual Business Mentoring Program (ABMP)

A comprehensive business coaching and mentoring initiative spanning one to five years, guiding entrepreneurs to create sustainable, purpose-driven global brands through unique coaching and consulting approaches.

Why Choose Us

Transform with Purpose, Achieve Excellence

Experienced Leadership

Benefit from the guidance of Dr. Abdussalam Omar, a seasoned Leadership Coach and Counselor with over a decade of transformative experience.

Holistic Approach

Experience a holistic transformation with our innovative blend of coaching, spiritual healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

Proven Results

Join a community of individuals and organizations who have experienced significant positive change under Dr. Omar's expert coaching, achieving purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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