People Say About Us

Deep Immersion, as far as I am concerned, is a divine concept! A person who voluntarily stands up willing to share the bright side of his expertise and experience is simply a miraculous being, especially when what he brings in to the table is something that is applicable in every moment of one's life. The change starts inside you from the day you join the program and the waves shall follow you throughout your life... I strongly believe that it's a fortune to be the part of DI @ Georgia.


"Working with Coach Omar has been nothing short of magical for our organization. His strategic insights have propelled us towards exponential growth while prioritizing the crucial elements of system building and sustainability. What might have taken us decades to achieve alone, Dr. Omar has streamlined into a mere 3 to 5 years with his wealth of experience and expertise. His guidance has been invaluable, and I highly recommend his coaching to any organization seeking rapid and sustainable advancement."

Fakhrudheen P C MD, Ruman Group of Pharmacies, UAE

"I recently attended the Business Immersion program and found it truly transformative. The emphasis on having a grand vision, purpose, and systematic approach resonated deeply with me, as did Dr. Omar's insight into the importance of maintaining peaceful family and spiritual lives for business success. As a business owner, I often get caught up in the daily grind, but this program reminded me to focus on the bigger picture. It's a valuable experience for anyone seeking greater success and fulfillment in both business and life."

Silvan Musthafa Managing Director and Co-founder of SILVAN BUSINESS GROUP

Unlock unparalleled growth and well-being for your team with Dr. Abdul Salam's expert training! His profound understanding of the subject matter and tailored approach not only aligns with company goals but also enhances overall employee well-being. Dr. Abdul Salam's engaging style, interactive sessions, and real-world examples make learning both informative and enjoyable. Elevate your team's skills – I highly recommend Dr. Abdul Salam's training services to organizations aiming for excellence in any specific area.

Abdul Nazar Director - Nesto hypermarket

"The biggest take away for me from this program was the networking with the like-minded people who want to help each others to grow BIG.All were big dreamers and crazy enough to reach their goals. I am a new Man now.A man with strong mind,clearer vision, energetic and enthusiastic than ever."

Fahsham Farook CEO, FF International Academy

Deep Immersion was a power pack training program which actually transformed my life.Our way of thinking, talking, way to access people, Our way of judging, of being empathetic to people and the way we wanted to help people had all changed.This training got us to a 360 degree excellence. Dr.Omar has immensely influenced and invested in every single of us.He had unconditional intention and passion to help each and every single member of our small group.

Vivek Nelson Managing Director EQLYZE Educational Initiative Pvt. Ltd.

As our training partner last 6 years,Dr.Omar was instrumental in organizational transformation from traditional people run company to a process run, and fastest growing retail company in Saudi Arabia.His greatest speciality was to brainstorm and design training program s to disseminate vision,mission,values and process , and communicate it creatively and constructively to all the levels of employees from junior staff to senior most management.

Fazal Rehman Ex CEO CityFlower Group Business Coach & Consultant

A unique aspect of the doctor's DI (Deep Immersion) training is its simple approach to nurturing big dreams. Each session is remarkably straightforward, with no unnecessary complexity. The perspective on business changes, and so does the outlook on friendships. Through the doctor's insights, various positive transformations occurred in my life. Overall, many good changes are possible, and the doctor's teachings have left a lasting impact on my life.

Naseer K K MD, RoyalMart Bangalore