Annual Business Mentorship Programme

Annual Business Mentoring Program (ABMP)

Elevate, Automate, Succeed Together

The Annual Business Mentorship Programme (ABMP) is a comprehensive coaching initiative aimed at nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. Led by Dr. Abdussalam Omar, this program spans one to five years, providing personalized guidance to create sustainable, purpose-driven global brands. Through a tailored approach, participants delve into various aspects of business development, including defining purpose, setting strategic objectives, building effective teams, and sustaining growth beyond their presence. ABMP offers extensive support, including regular coaching sessions, strategic meetings, and access to a wealth of resources. Join ABMP and embark on a transformative journey towards building a thriving business that makes a positive impact on society while achieving long-term success and fulfillment.


To be the most sought-after and result-oriented business coaching and mentoring program.


Create sustainable, purpose-driven global brands run with process automation through a unique coaching, consulting, and mentoring approach.

Core Values

Value-oriented business

Prioritizing values in business operations.

Purpose-driven business

Aligning business goals with a meaningful purpose.

Balanced quality of life

Ensuring a harmonious balance between personal and professional life.


Focusing on long-term success beyond the owner's life cycle.

Automation and expandability

Emphasizing efficient processes and scalability.

Creating global brands

Aiming for recognition on a global scale.

What We Do

  • Learn the history of business owners and their businesses.
  •  Analyze the SWOT of the current business.
  • Identify and define the purpose of the business.
  • Set vision and mission statements for the business.
  • Develop organizational structure aligned with the new vision.
  • Set strategic objectives for the new vision.
  • Identify core values of the organization.
  • Create a digital and physical brand through the rebranding process.
  • Develop strategies to enhance social media presence.
  • Set personal branding strategies for business owners.
  • Establish timelines for each strategic objective toward the new vision.
  •  Identify funding strategies aligned with your business model.
  • Learn the journey from idea to IPO.
  • Set SOPs for all organizational functions.
  • Develop strategies to automate the business model.
  • Understand the theory of the franchise business model by selling your brand value and business process.
  • Learn how to develop your company into a billion-dollar brand.
  • Learn to recruit, train, and retain Human Resources aligned with your value system and vision.
  • Develop second-line leadership.

Duration :

  • Minimum: 1 year.
  • Maximum: 5 years.

Annual Physical Coaching Days

12 to 15 days/year with additional strategic meetings with the board as needed.

Financial Details

Cost: Based on the company's current annual turnover and net profit. The company is responsible for all other expenses, including training venue, food, accommodation (minimum 4-star hotels), and economy class flight travel.


All information shared during coaching is confidential and is to be kept as such by both parties.

Contract Renewal

Dependent upon mutual satisfaction and results after each year.