Teens Immersion

Teens Immersion

Teen Growth, Guided Exploration

Teen Immersion offers a transformative experience for teenagers aged 14 to 19, providing a platform for self-discovery and growth. Through a blend of adventure, creativity, and mindfulness practices, participants explore their potential, develop resilience, and clarify their life vision. Led by experienced coaches, this program focuses on practical skills, career exploration, and values alignment, preparing teens for a balanced and purposeful life. Join us on a journey of discovery, where you’ll connect with nature, explore your talents, and build essential life skills in a supportive and enriching environment. Teen Immersion is your gateway to personal growth and empowered decision-making.

*Date:* 27th April to 4th May

– Rishikesh: Premium Glamping Ganga Riverside
– Dehradun: Clarion Hotel
– Mussoorie: Wild Arena Resort


At Teens Immersion, we aspire to become the most effective and sought-after experiential leadership program for teenagers globally.


Our mission is to provide teenagers with the best experiential platform and process to shape their life vision, purpose, and value system, enabling them to discover the genius within themselves.

Core Values

Learn From Nature

Embrace the wisdom of nature to foster personal growth and development.

Experience and Learn

Engage in hands-on experiences to cultivate practical skills and knowledge.

Constructive Values

Uphold integrity, responsibility, and respect in all endeavors.

Social Purpose-Oriented

Foster a sense of social responsibility and commitment to making a positive impact.

Modernity with Morality

Combine innovation with ethical principles to navigate today's complex world.


Resilience Building

Equip teenagers with strategies to reduce stress and anxiety and cultivate resilience in the face of challenges.

Career Exploration

Identify individual strengths and multiple intelligences to tailor career paths that align with personal passions and abilities.

Life Vision and Purpose

Guide participants in discovering their life vision, passion, and purpose to set meaningful goals.

Technology Balance

Promote healthy technology habits and encourage constructive use of digital resources.

Core Value Integration

Instill a value system that aligns with cultural norms and promotes ethical decision-making.

Confidence and Communication

Empower teens to overcome fears, build self-confidence, and enhance public speaking skills.

Life Skills Education

Provide practical knowledge on life aspects including relationships, marriage, parenting, and entrepreneurship.

Academic Support

Offer guidance on effective study habits and preparation for competitive exams.

Inclusions :

  • 8 days leadership coaching program by Dr. Omar
  • Certificate of Completion accredited by American Board of NLP
  •  8 days accommodation in premium Glamping/resort/4-star hotels
  •  All meals for 8 days
  • Tour and transport from Delhi to Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Mussoorie and back to Delhi airport
  •  All activity and entry fees as mentioned in program itinerary

Exclusions :

  • Air tickets to Delhi and return
  •  Any other personal expenses